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Sunday, August 29, 2010

MWS vs Malistare's Dungeon (Part #1-5)

Hiya folks, a few days ago M.W.S (Malorn WillowSmith) made a attempt to solo Malistare's Dungeon w/ the help of his faithful Balance Buddy: Mander! Malorn WillowSmith, becomes the FIRST SORCERER ever to win fighting Malistare's Dungeon/Instance. (Planned the fight a year ago, needed critical thinking about time etc)... Yes, FIVE Videos were made because of what took place.

Watching Angel DragonGem's and The Friendly Necromancer's Vids, I thought I give it a shot. Informing you that the Balance School is capable of MANY things.

GO BALANCE! (Please, take a moment to raise up your Volume-you'll need it)! Be sure to view this in the Video Section!

Presented to you by: © 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy the Videos (Below)!

Part 1) 

Part 2) 

Part 3) 

Part 4) 

Part 5) 


1) Alexander DeathCaster

2) Blaze BattleEyes

3) Chase WillowWeaver (My-2-Cents)

(Links are to contact them on Wizard101 Central)-Shoutout to Arlen DawnEyes for being the 1st/2nd Storm (Diviner) to solo of the Two-Headed Wiz.
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© 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved.


Blaze Silverfist said...

Gratz buddy! A quick question about the post you made about hypercams. When I go to download hypercam 2 (cause the version 3 brings you to a site where you have to buy it) it asks me which server I want to download it from, what's the difference, and which should I pick? Thanks.


Rogue Sorcerer said...

Dude, congrats!!! That is a Great Boost for us.

M.W.S said...

@ Blaze Silverfist:

Thanks for the comment!
About the question- will link to you to a site where you can download Hypercam 3. Don't worry about Servers make sure they are English! Also, here's a download link to download Hypercam 3 here: (copy & paste unto your Web Broswer/Address bar).

@ Rogue Sorcerer: Thank you my friend!

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Sweet vids. And I love the new site design. Thanks for adding me on your list.

Valerian Nightbringer (The original ice ninja)

M.W.S said...

@ Valerian Nightbringer:

Thanks and no problem!