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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Invitation to Play Wizard101!

Horse MountThis month we asked players to write an invitation for parents or other adults to come play Wizard101. Have a creative story to share? Tell us here. You could be featured on Ravenwood News! Read other cool Wizard stores over in the game fan fiction.
Fellow adults, Wizard 101 is a great to stay connected to your children in a fun and whimsical world. You can meet up with them in the realm and play together having wonderful chats about the game or about life. With text chat you can talk with them even if you are not playing it the same area. As an added bonus Wizard 101 is a great way to relieve stress from your day. In the spiral as you fight gobblers, elephant soldiers, or sanzoku bandits to complete your quests your stress melts away for in the spiral you are in control and you are saving the worlds of the spiral. So as a fellow adult I am asking you to play Wizard 101 to get closer to your kids and relieve your stress so you can enjoy life outside the spiral to its fullest.
Rowan Windwhisper

Do you ever wish that you could spend more time with your children? Perhaps you are feeling that their online activity isn't being monitored sufficiently? No matter what it is, there's one solution that can help you and your child bond more on a safe, online environment: play Wizard101 WITH them!!
You're always your child's companion, but you can be their best friend in the game, too! You can give them an extra hand in battles (those Fire Elves and Gobblers can get a bit tough!) and be there for your child whenever they need it. Advice can be given about how to set up their deck, equip their gear, strategies, and so much more!
And, don't worry - you won't feel alone out there in the Spiral! Out of the 30 million players, there are plenty of other adults to have a great time with, too!!
Steven SpellStrider

I think you should play Wizard101 because it is a very educational experience. There are many opportunities to expand your vocabulary and improve your maths skills. (For example, a 715 base damage Storm Lord + 70% feint will do how much damage?)
Also, the graphics use a multitude of colors and different movements (crackling, smoke). The game has a variety of tasks. If you find quests too difficult, try gardening or crafting! I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy.
I'm recommending this game to you because I think it will help us bond if we spend more time together, and this game seems like a perfect way to do it.
From Alex ThunderShard

Site Credits: https://www.wizard101.com/game/news/july2013

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