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Sunday, August 29, 2010

MWS vs Malistare's Dungeon (Part #1-5)

Hiya folks, a few days ago M.W.S (Malorn WillowSmith) made a attempt to solo Malistare's Dungeon w/ the help of his faithful Balance Buddy: Mander! Malorn WillowSmith, becomes the FIRST SORCERER ever to win fighting Malistare's Dungeon/Instance. (Planned the fight a year ago, needed critical thinking about time etc)... Yes, FIVE Videos were made because of what took place.

Watching Angel DragonGem's and The Friendly Necromancer's Vids, I thought I give it a shot. Informing you that the Balance School is capable of MANY things.

GO BALANCE! (Please, take a moment to raise up your Volume-you'll need it)! Be sure to view this in the Video Section!

Presented to you by: © 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy the Videos (Below)!

Part 1) 

Part 2) 

Part 3) 

Part 4) 

Part 5) 


1) Alexander DeathCaster

2) Blaze BattleEyes

3) Chase WillowWeaver (My-2-Cents)

(Links are to contact them on Wizard101 Central)-Shoutout to Arlen DawnEyes for being the 1st/2nd Storm (Diviner) to solo of the Two-Headed Wiz.
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© 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Order of the Keeper-PvP Team (Wizard101)

Hello Wizards and Witches out there in the Spiral! Got some very exciting news today! First of all view the other post (below). Now, I share what Malorn WillowSmith has been up to!

A great PvP Team consisting of  Benjamin FairyDust of Spirit Keep, Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists and I have gathered together to make: ORDER OF THE KEEPER!

That's right a PvP team on Wizard101 Central where we tend to kick rump and win many PvP tournaments!


Short Bio:

The Official Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper and The Comic Theurgist have joined forces. May all who stand against them, perish in battle!

Team Statistics:
Tournaments Entered 0, Tournaments Won 0

Team Info:
Team Founder Benjamin FairyDust/Ordejega Team Founded 3 Days Ago 11:59 AM

Team Logo!
The Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper, The Comic Theurgist.
Site Credits: (Big thanks to Jester on Wizard101 Central)!

Wish us luck give feedback tell us what you think. Of course being the first Wizard101 Bloggers to do this ha!