Nigerian-American (Malorn WillowSmith), playing Wizard101, an MMO from KingsIsle Entertainment.

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Welcome to the SOTS Fan Art Page!
(A page to browse the SOTS' Fan Art and request a drawing too)!

This page is for browsing the Sorcerer of the Spiral's (M.W.S) Art Gallery. You may also, sent requests to have a drawing of yourself (currently drawing right now learning about programs - Gimp etc). Just leave a comment here or send a friendly e-mail to!


(Currently none right now as long as you can't comment on this page, please wait).


You may also send the SOTS, a picture/drawing/screenshot (of himself) and I'll display it right here and on TwitPic! Inorder for this to work I'll need a screenshot from you (Wizard101) e-mail/contact.

 For your privacy I WON'T display your name if you sent a request to have a drawing or another piece of work. The artwork will be displayed (pictures of you and myself here and on my TwitPic Account on Twitter)!

When I reply, the response should take less than a week. I apologize for any delays and I will do my best to get back with you. (The drawing may take longer due to the orders and I will definitely get back with you)!

Remember show some respect and have patience (wait)! Thanks for your time & and the images! : )

(Pictures/Drawings/Screenshots from Myself & Wizard101 Players for the SOTS)!


 SOTS (50) Balance Gear.  SOTS (50) PVP Gear.  SOTS (50) Balance School Themed Gear.

(Drawings from Myself for the Wizard101 Players)!

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Thanks for your time, see ya in the Spiral!