Nigerian-American (Malorn WillowSmith), playing Wizard101, an MMO from KingsIsle Entertainment.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Hey guys wanted to share with you, second time hitting ONE MILLION Judgement tried recording before it messed up two days ago here's last nights hit.

The second Sorcerer to do this apparently someone did this back in 2012 on YouTube. Enjoy the video below.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dragonclaw Blade (GIVEAWAY) - WINNERS!

You may view the giveaway post here (Dragonclaw Blade (GIVEAWAY!)).

Hey everyone, Malorn Willowsmith BACK with the winners of the exclusive giveaway!

Remember the contest started - December 1st, 2012 (12/01/12), and ended TODAY - December 15th, 2012 (12/15/12).

It was a fun contest, I'm glad Duelist101 chose me as a host to giveaway NINE unused codes from their past prizes! I got 637 entries from Wizard101 players, quite epic! Thanks too Wizard101!

Image of the Dragonclaw Blade (Wand) again (left side), folks, courtesy of Wizard101 Central Wiki.

(Winners are selected below).


a Rafflecopter giveaway


1) Anthony Zahra

2) Kieran Soulfinder

3) Cory Short

4) Fred Moonsong

5) Robin Huijbregts

6) Scarlet

7) Kyle Polner

8) Adam

9) Al Neuu

Remember, what I said in the previous post. "I'll contact all the winners via e-mail. More information here to contact ME (the SOTS), be cautious of anyone lying, being an impostor. Children (under 13 years), please be accompanied with a legal parent/guardian when submitting information online. Any cases/incidents please report that to me, thanks."


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dragonclaw Blade (GIVEAWAY)!

Hey everyone, Malorn WillowSmith here with an exclusive giveaway by Duelist101!

Read following information (below).

Duelist101, has granted me a great honor, by choosing me as a host to give away NINE unused Wizard101 codes! Sorcerer of the Spiral, and other sites have been chosen to give away Duelist101's excess codes from previous contests! So, I've created my own raffle via Rafflecopter, and want all wizards to participate in this contest for a chance to earn an awesome prize!

CONTEST STARTS NOW - December 1st, 2012 (12/01/12)!

CONTEST ENDS LATER - December 15, 2012 (12/15/12)!

For many people who DON'T know how a Dragonclaw Blade looks like here's a thumbnail below!

(Courtesy of Wizard101 Central Wiki)

I'll contact all the winners via e-mail. More information here to contact ME (the SOTS), be cautious of anyone lying, being an impostor. Children (under 13 years), please be accompanied with a legal parent/guardian when submitting information online. Any cases/incidents please report that to me, thanks.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

MWS vs Malistare's Dungeon (Part #1-5)

Hiya folks, a few days ago M.W.S (Malorn WillowSmith) made a attempt to solo Malistare's Dungeon w/ the help of his faithful Balance Buddy: Mander! Malorn WillowSmith, becomes the FIRST SORCERER ever to win fighting Malistare's Dungeon/Instance. (Planned the fight a year ago, needed critical thinking about time etc)... Yes, FIVE Videos were made because of what took place.

Watching Angel DragonGem's and The Friendly Necromancer's Vids, I thought I give it a shot. Informing you that the Balance School is capable of MANY things.

GO BALANCE! (Please, take a moment to raise up your Volume-you'll need it)! Be sure to view this in the Video Section!

Presented to you by: © 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy the Videos (Below)!

Part 1) 

Part 2) 

Part 3) 

Part 4) 

Part 5) 


1) Alexander DeathCaster

2) Blaze BattleEyes

3) Chase WillowWeaver (My-2-Cents)

(Links are to contact them on Wizard101 Central)-Shoutout to Arlen DawnEyes for being the 1st/2nd Storm (Diviner) to solo of the Two-Headed Wiz.
View my blog/site here:
© 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Order of the Keeper-PvP Team (Wizard101)

Hello Wizards and Witches out there in the Spiral! Got some very exciting news today! First of all view the other post (below). Now, I share what Malorn WillowSmith has been up to!

A great PvP Team consisting of  Benjamin FairyDust of Spirit Keep, Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists and I have gathered together to make: ORDER OF THE KEEPER!

That's right a PvP team on Wizard101 Central where we tend to kick rump and win many PvP tournaments!


Short Bio:

The Official Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper and The Comic Theurgist have joined forces. May all who stand against them, perish in battle!

Team Statistics:
Tournaments Entered 0, Tournaments Won 0

Team Info:
Team Founder Benjamin FairyDust/Ordejega Team Founded 3 Days Ago 11:59 AM

Team Logo!
The Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper, The Comic Theurgist.
Site Credits: (Big thanks to Jester on Wizard101 Central)!

Wish us luck give feedback tell us what you think. Of course being the first Wizard101 Bloggers to do this ha!

Friday, December 25, 2009

About the (SOTS) Sorcerer of the Spiral:

Welcome to Wizard101's newest brand fansite the Sorcerer of the Spiral! I'm Malorn WillowSmith - Manager of SOTS Productions, Webmaster, and Leader of the Sorcerer's Clan, here are some facts about myself below:

About Me:"Malorn WillowSmith (M.W.S), is a Nigerian American Teen he's an active community member (at times), who writes articles, gives advice, interacts with the community, and enjoys the game."

"M.W.S, has played Wizard101 since May 7th, 2009 and is a Sorcerer (Student of Balance: Level 50, -  CURRENT). He's very informative and will do his best to bring out the best of news to YOU."

Background (Wizard101): Wizard's Name: Malorn WillowSmith
Level: GrandMaster - (50)
Main Magic School: Balance
Other Magic Schools: Ice/Life/Death

A brief description of my blog/site:
"Tales from an Nigerian American Teen (Malorn WillowSmith), playing Wizard101, an MMO from KingsIsle Entertainment."

I wouldn't have started blogging if it wasn't for influential people like The Friendly Necromancer, Diary of a Wizard and a dear friend Kestrel ShadowThistle. The Wizard101 Community is pretty cool, plan to stick for awhile and befriend other cool folks too, already have.

I'm a average Wizard101 Community Member, if you'd like to contact me use the "Links" page on my blog, or send out an email to: malornwillowsmith (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Check out my "History" page to get an exclusive SOTS Userbar. That's it for now readers/followers, stay tuned for future information and take care everyone! The SOTS IS OUT! (Stay Balanced)

© 2010 SOTS (M.W.S) Productions. All Rights Reserved.