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Monday, July 26, 2010

Order of the Keeper - PvP Team (Wizard101)

Hey wizards out there in the Spiral! Got some very exciting news today! First of all view the other post (below). Now, I share what Malorn WillowSmith has been up to!

A great PvP Team consisting of  Benjamin FairyDust of Spirit Keep, Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists and I have gathered together to make: ORDER OF THE KEEPER!

That's right a PvP team on Wizard101 Central where we tend to win many PvP tournaments!


Short Bio:

The Official Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper and The Comic Theurgist have joined forces. May all who stand against them, perish in battle!

Team Statistics:
Tournaments Entered 0, Tournaments Won 0

Team Info:
Team Founder Benjamin FairyDust/Ordejega Team Founded 3 Days Ago 11:59 AM

Team Logo!
The Sorcerer of the Spiral, The Spirit Keeper, The Comic Theurgist.
Site Credits: (Big thanks to Jester on Wizard101 Central)!

Wish us luck give feedback tell us what you think. Of course being the first Wizard101 Bloggers to do this ha!