Malorn WillowSmith (MWS) playing Wizard101, an MMO via KingsIsle Entertainment.

Friday, January 10, 2020

New School Gear - CONCEPT ART [W101]

Hey everyone #diarykids #twizards presenting new concept art for you guys today to view. Reminds me of the Catacombs gear + latest Druidic (Treeminder) gears sets & school-themed gear via Final Bastion including Beastmoon gear // would be wise for KI to consider featuring these concepts in-game in a future world similar to Mirage + Empyrea etc.

View my other art related post which showcases Draconian (Dragonspyre) concept art via Adam Roush here.

Thanks to @DearlyDoodles + @RThaumaturge for these conceptual images (below) - sent a request to @rthaumaturge to consider creating a shadow school set etc.

*Beastmoon gear showcased (below) --

*Catacombs gear showcased (below) --

Stay tuned for more updates until next time.

Monday, December 23, 2019


Hey #diarykids #twizards showcasing my Balance House + Massively Fantasy Palace previews for you all to get an idea of how I generally tend to those dynamics in-game (Wizard101).

View this thread on Twitter to access several of the pics & for the edited fast version view my post @MalornWS1 // *Inserted the entire video highlighting the 2 houses/palaces below -- enjoy until next time people.

Sunday, December 22, 2019


Hey everyone #diarykids #twizards today reposting select Wizard101 concept art for you guys here. Presenting Adam Roush a talented artist that works at KingsIsle who works on illustrations for the game.  I figured this would be worth your time to get an exclusive of behind the scenes material (concepts) for the game we all love to play #Wizard101. // Here's the link to the interview referenced via image (below) Adventures of the Spiral

@adamroush2 via Twitter

Stay tuned for more updates everyone until next time.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Wizard101 - Unreleased Worlds [2020]

Hey #diarykids #twizards today addressing the topic of Wizard101's unreleased worlds so far in the Spiral. It's counterpart Pirate101 has done exceptionally well & has a unique set of gameplay mechanics + zones that make the two game stand apart. I'll be posting several references you can refer to that showcase the other hidden worlds of the Spiral (Wizard101) in general.

The recent Catacombs instance mentions worlds as Albion / Valencia etc. I recall completing a quest awhile ago from the popular guy Diego the Duelmaster that gives us more insight about his home-world titled 'Valencia.' *Here's a clip from @BlazeLifeHammer which showcases the Treeminders / Prince Viggor & the rest of his Draconian (Dragonspyre) kin + the references to the creatures (i.e. The Devourer / Satharilith / Renegade Druid) escaping to unknown places outside of the Spiral.

*Here's a thread on the Wizard101 Forums that covers the referenced worlds -



Catacombs Gameplay - @BlazeLifeHammer


NOTES - I personally would like to see the alternative worlds (referenced in the links/media etc) particularly from Pirate101 incorporated into the Wizard101 storyline -- there would be more exclusive content & decent character backstories that covers our school teachers the classic ones + the new trainers located in the Arcanum. *Hope KI is in the works to develop these worlds & give us extraordinary content for our 4th Arc only time will tell. They could use my ideas from my other previous posts & add that to the game too.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Wizard101 - New Spells Concept + Loremaster spells [1]

Hey #diarykids #twizards mentioned new ranked spells for pve/pvp in my prior post. *Today covering incorporating these conceptual spells into Wizard101 officially + certain spells used by advanced bosses (i.e. Bort Shadowmane / Prince Viggor / Shadowwock / Spirit of Darkmoor / Vigilant Sargun etc) that need to be trainable for wizards (*available for crafting/treasure cards variants too). // *The primary reason I'm recommending these changes to the pve dynamics are to redefine systemic equilibrium for the magical classes in the game + incorporating new 'Loremaster' spells in general for players to utilize basically.

NOTE - Here's a message in regards to KI's Hoard Packs which grant new items/pets/spells etc there have been numerous complaints (i.e. W101 Forums) about wizards spending vast amounts of Crowns to hopefully gain a spell/item etc; but to no avail. Here's a screenshot from my Twitter below that addresses that topic. *I'd advise people not to be so eager to spend Crowns on items that aren't guaranteed anyway & to conserve your money wisely + consider alternative options.

Here's Swordroll's other post for alternate spells that should be craftable/trainable for the most part anyway. I'll be attaching the general Loremaster spells below kudos to Final Bastion for providing the images. + I'll add the missing spells that bosses utilize that should be trainable for advanced wizards & novices in-game at the end of this post.

*Thanks to the @scionofshadow via Twitter for these images/ideas for these concepts (below)

NOTE - I commend the man for his efforts; no point making my commentary lengthy the guy did an excellent job. *If these spells were to be modified/incorporated into the game I'd recommend giving Life a healing blade to go with 'Trumpet Vines' & Death an infection stacked with the weakness for 'Werewolf.' // Overall, excellent ideas hopefully KI considers adding this to Wizard101.


Variations of the 'Efreet Spell' via Wizard101 Central


NOTES - *Certain spells should be modified & changed to an aoe setting -- Brulee Sucree + Frost DragonStorm Dragon (which should be available for wizards lvl 60-80+) etc. Other spells should be modified like 'Hammadryad' providing a guiding light for all users + the healing output 1000 at least but not concerned about it's initial healing really. / The Natural Attack spell that showcases 800+ dmg is from the new Rattlebones (rank 14) basically *that should obviously be nerfed if they implement that concept (bones/pirate/undead minion spell low pip aoe) for Death players etc. // *With the recent change to Balance's Loremaster spell compared to everything else listed here KI needs to revert the spell's base to 250-300 base damage at least -- makes NO SENSE they chose to NERF the spell that much. // Anyone can SPAM any spell seriously (*like this Fire I fought using Krampus via YT) so Balance Loremaster being utilized that way wasn't a big deal. Guardian Spirit should allow the users to regain 15-25% of their hp showcased in my other spell-related (conceptual) post here.



That being said this topic is concluded. *The only thing I'm taking credit for is compiling the list under the 'Bosses' section referenced above all credits goes to their respective creators -- courtesy KI Entertainment (Wizard101).  // Wizard101 Central thread available here. 


Wizard101 - New Utility Spells (PVE/PVP) [1]

Hey everyone #diarykids #twizards mentioned new ranked spells for pve/pvp in my prior post. *Today covering incorporating these conceptual utility spells into Wizard101 officially + certain spells used by advanced bosses (i.e. Bort Shadowmane / Prince Viggor / Shadowwock / Spirit of DarkmoorVigilant Sargun etc) that should be utilized by wizards. // *The primary reason I'm recommending these changes to the pve/pvp dynamics are to redefine systemic equilibrium for the magical classes in the game. If bosses can use astral/shadow attacks & cheats that people don't have counters for then why not implement these features for ranked wizards to use once they hit a certain level (e.g. lvl 60/80/90/100+) ? This creates an equal playing field for EVERYONE especially with the formidable bosses I mentioned previously & old/new instances -- Darkmoor/Catacombs/Waterworks.

References - Swordroll + Final Bastion // *View Swordroll's post for the recent Avalon utility/pve spells here & the secret boss drop spells similar to Loremaster here people. Final Bastion's Loremaster spell guide is available here.  **Here's Swordroll's other post for alternate spells that should be craftable/trainable for the most part anyway. 

*Thanks to the @scionofshadow via Twitter for these images/ideas for these 2 concepts (below)


NOTES - *I approve of all of his ideas they're quite impressive @scionofshadow + @john_dragoblood should consider collaborating on future concepts. *For the Death spell titled 'Disease' there should at least be a 'Mass Infection' (15-25%) that syncs with that -- I think that would make 'Disease' an even more serious utility spell against pve/pvp opponents alike. I like the modifications he did to Life's Caterpillar absorb armor making it singular + the same amount of dmg it takes same deal Myth's enhanced 'Egg' minion on par with Talos. *For the Balance weakness + mantle aoe (effects all) I've had that in mind for awhile. It's similar to this spell ' Weakening Mantle;' this correlates to what I mentioned before certain bosses utilizing utility spells that should be AVAILABLE for advanced wizards period.


NOTES - Decent ideas genius really; I've thought about a 'Mass Cleanse' for awhile since Storm has the singular Cleanse + Enfeeble it would make sense to add that. *For Balance this 'Mass Hex' spell utilized by an advanced boss 'The Devourer' would assist Sorcerers greatly -- I like the notion of it being 0 pips as well. //  *More info on the tri-trap spells for ALL schools & the tri-shields (walls) picture below.

NOTES - According to the wiki the alternate Fuel spells (primarily designated for Fire excluding Balance's Mass Hex spell) range between 25-35% (2 variations) -- it would make sense to officially incorporate these spells (make them trainable + craftable for ALL) + the triple shield spells for ALL SCHOOLS into the game very SOON. *Tri-shield/walls via Immortal Lore's Pack -- turns out there's tc variants which is decent. // *Wouldn't be an issue in pvp due to infallible/shrike/ward removals etc -- so not a big deal necessarily.

Via Swordroll with the exclusion of Bolstered Ward which is a non-trainable spell but has been already implemented into the game & is on vast equip pieces by KI *it definitely would help to make the spell trainable already since it's alternate version Potent is basically the reciprocal version of it -- might as well BALANCE things out. // The rest of these concepts are EXCELLENT & I would be honored to see this in-game.

Think it's time to ADD these spells utilized by advanced BOSSES in the game for use BY PLAYERS (pics below) --

I'd like to see Shadow shields available for use (pve/pvp) to block incoming Shadow damage + dispels for hardcore cheating bosses in pve settings. *Make the Shadow spells trainable for people.

*Here's the old Azteca spells that premiered in 2012 + the old utility spells -- Avalon via Swordroll featured below people.

NOTE - Dragonspear + Shadowspear should be included for Balance + Shadow as well since it's a pierce blade & has variations *make the spells trainable w/ the others pictured.

Overall that explains my thoughts towards @scionofshadow + @swordroll's new utility spell ideas for Wizard101. // If you're wondering if I'd like to see select tc trainable like Dragonblade the answer to that is -- I wouldn't mind despite the item card being primarily used by pets/gear etc. Certain spells should be able to be utilized by wizards like the ones I mentioned earlier in this post ^ // Wizard101 Central thread available here

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Wizard101 -- Schools of Magic [BACKGROUND ART]

The man did an outstanding job; I've viewed several of his artworks on his page . *Thought I share these edited pics (myself) with you be sure to follow @john_dragoblood via Twitter & see what else he's planning. // These images are EDITED because the original files were too large so decided to crop the images myself to make it easier for people to view/download. *If you'd like to download the wallpaper for pc/phone click the link here to be redirected to John's Twitter page. // Link here to view the individual attachments off Wizard101 Central slightly better.