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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dragonclaw Blade (GIVEAWAY)!

Hey everyone, Malorn WillowSmith here with an exclusive giveaway by Duelist101!

Read following information (below).

Duelist101, has granted me a great honor, by choosing me as a host to give away NINE unused Wizard101 codes! Sorcerer of the Spiral, and other sites have been chosen to give away Duelist101's excess codes from previous contests! So, I've created my own raffle via Rafflecopter, and want all wizards to participate in this contest for a chance to earn an awesome prize!

CONTEST STARTS NOW - December 1st, 2012 (12/01/12)!

CONTEST ENDS LATER - December 15, 2012 (12/15/12)!

For many people who DON'T know how a Dragonclaw Blade looks like here's a thumbnail below!

(Courtesy of Wizard101 Central Wiki)

I'll contact all the winners via e-mail. More information here to contact ME (the SOTS), be cautious of anyone lying, being an impostor. Children (under 13 years), please be accompanied with a legal parent/guardian when submitting information online. Any cases/incidents please report that to me, thanks.



Anonymous said...

In General - Dragonclaw Blade Giveaway

Sophia Lin said...

In General - Dragonclaw Blade Giveaway

Aaron Starheart said...

In General - Dragonclaw Blade Giveaway, I think? well Congrats on the Contest!

Swordroll said...

Everyone is posting "In General - Dragonclaw Blade Giveaway," though I'm not sure why, it sounded more like directions than a phrase.

Any idea on how Duelist chose their sites to give these away?

retroops123 said...

n General - Dragonclaw Blade Giveaway

soumya015 said...

in general- dragonblade giveaway

M.W.S said...

People in the future, please post something relevant to the post/raffle (topic), please provide your own opinions - IF you choose to comment, thank you.

@ Aaron Starheart: Thanks bud.

tatiana shadowflame said...

I love how so many of the official sites are giving the wands to those of you who are not official to use for prizes. It shows a lot of community spirit, and respect for fellow bloggers. Exactly what the season is about. :)

jess_wundring said...

So, according to the wiki, it looks like the DragonClaw Blade adds five 75pt fire-based zapper cards to your deck.

In other words, its not just cool looking but coolly functional as well.

Come on, Malorn, Stock me up!